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With operations in 37 countries, NBCUniversal is one of the best known media brands in the world, and NBC News has a leading source of global news and information for more than 75 years. It is uniquely positioned with a network presence (NBC News) and a cable television news channel (MSNBC), giving it the widest audience reach of all the US networks. Its stable or world-class brands include the breakfast show, TODAY; the flagship evening broadcast, Nightly News with Lester Holt; and the nation's oldest continuous television news program, Meet the Press. Beyond broadcast, NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling and visually engaging stories on your platform of choice:,,, Nightly News, Dateline, Meet The Press. In 2017,

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GP Colombo

GP started in 2007 as a news desk intern. After a successful internship GP moved on to work on the Media Desk (aka the library/archive team), and further progressed as an avid engineer. He worked his way up and is currently the operations manager for the London News Bureau. As someone who worked on the Media Desk, he demonstrated expertise with the Avid system and was instrumental in transitioning the London newsroom from analogue to digital. GP is truly homegrown talent.

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Emma Ong

Emma started as a Desk Editor in 2012. After a successful run, she was promoted to a Senior Desk Editor. In 2018, Emma jumped across the pond to join the Specials team in New York City. Emma brought with her wide-ranging broadcast experience from Canada, where she had worked at CTV properties in Toronto. This includes roles as a senior producer and show producer at a national 24-hour news channel, the assignment desk, and an entertainment news show. Because of her leadership skills, she effectively helped to anchor the assignment desk and was instrumental in our breaking news coverage spanning several major terrorist attacks in the UK and Europe.

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Shanshan Dong

Shanshan started as a desk editor in 2012. Shanshan’s passion has always been breaking news, and she brought to the London newsroom a fierce focus. Her ability to absorb the American network sensibility meant she was very quickly able to learn how to identify and pitch the right content to all the platforms. Shanshan went on to become an Associate Producer in the LA bureau in early 2016.

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Alex Holmes

Alex started as an occasional freelancer on the assignment desk with nary a sense of how a newsroom worked. For someone who had no real experience in the industry and no understanding of a news organization the size of NBC News, he quickly learned how to navigate the complicated machinery that is 30 Rockefeller, how to support the many diverse platforms and how to work with our US-based colleagues.

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